Nov 19, 2009

One Thousand Thanks

I've been enjoying Shawna's participation in the 1000 thanks and felt it would be good for me personally to document some of my own blessings. I don't know if there are any rules or guidelines for this, but the concept is pretty simple. I've been encouraged lately to "choose happy" and thankfulness is a key component in that. So, here goes the first installment in no particular order...
  1. my "hap-py" baby girl
  2. a husband with a servants heart
  3. good neighbors
  4. my sister, my friend
  5. failed plumbing
  6. the longevity of my grandparents
  7. a long, hot shower
  8. free bread, milk and eggs!
  9. tangled curls
  10. Bible Study Fellowship
  11. a good relationship with my mother
  12. "new" finds from the salvation army
  13. a deep freeze (finally!)
  14. a job I love
  15. a few stolen minutes to myself on the computer
  16. appleTV
  17. willing babysitters
  18. laundry (choosing happiness here!)
  19. space heaters
  20. fall days
Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Loved reading this! I'm proud of you for choosing joy and thankfulness...and it's funny how when our minds lead like that, our hearts tend to follow. Even thankfulness over laundry!