Jun 10, 2009

The Semi Annual Update

Well, It looks like I have officially become a non blogger. My birthday was this month and I sort of reviewed my new years resolutions. I have totally failed on my blogging resolutions, but on a more positive note I have started recycling. It takes considerably less time. At least I'm making progress somewhere.

I feel like I'm too busy to blog, but was horribly ashamed by Anna's recap of her last 4 years. I have no idea how she is coping with so much change in her life. Baby #2 and the 2 year old seem to have done me in. Nevertheless, I had an unusually productive day so I'm going to end it with a brief post to update you if you haven't yet given up on reading this poor blog.

In the last six months...

I quit my job to work my business "full time" which consists of one office day a week (Wednesday) when I can get it :)
We planted a garden: I have 2 tomato blossoms and haven't killed anything...yet.
I've made a new friend across the street.
Evelyn is weaned, sitting up and clapping. 10 months NO TEETH!
My fledgling business, Communicate Creatively participated in its first trade (wedding) show
Elisa is an adorable, determined chatterbox with very strong "opinions"
I'm taking pilates with Calista who is an excellent instructor
I missed Sarah's wedding (soooo sad, I'm sure this will be a lifelong regret)
We filled a 20 cu.ft. dumpster with crap and yard clippings on our "vacation"
I'm recycling and composting and using the attic fan

I'm sure there is more, but yesterday is as big a blur as six months ago! Here are some pictures too...nope sorry. Apparently we haven't unloaded any off our poor camera in the last six months. Maybe next time!