Oct 30, 2007

Photo Update

After over a month of owning our new camera, I am just now posting some of the pictures we've taken with it! Hopefully you have all seen the beautiful ones Andrea took by now. You may not be able to tell the difference, but it sure is easier to get the right shot. Here are a few of Elisa at 9 and 10 months... Brandon's parents came to visit and we went out for lunch. Elisa tried her first lemon!
This is not something we encourage at our house, but when I came into the kitchen and realized she had done this herself, I just had to capture the moment!

Brandon's mom came to visit and we took Elisa to the Linnaeus Gardens. She had a wonderful time playing in the fountain. Aren't we all glad to have a few pretty fall days finally?

Oct 2, 2007

Five Blessings

I was inspired by Michelle's challenge. Thank you for helping me to reflect on God's never-ending goodness to me today.
1. My husband loves me despite the fact that he is constantly out of clean underwear.
2. My beautiful daughter is such a blessing. She constantly reminds me to slow down and enjoy the miracle of life.
3. Even when I don't heed that reminder, God gives me the gift of yet another day and the strength to get through it.
4. He provides extra work for Brandon and I when He knows we will need it and sometimes when we don't!
5. I'm going to echo Michelle on this one, great is His faithfulness!