May 21, 2007

Random Facts

OK, Rachel tagged me quite a while ago, and here is my response. I have been reading other responses and find that we are quite an organized bunch, as that seems to be everyone's favorite random fact about themselves. Therefore, I will not include my thoughts on organizing...
  1. I love to color my hair. Right now it is fairly natural with one superblonde chunk on each side. However, I have had portions of it it magenta, green, fire engine red, blue and purple at one time or another. My philosophy on hair color is: if it isn't going to be natural, why bother trying to make it look like it is? Have fun with it!
  2. I would rather sit at home with a book than do anything else. Sadly, I haven't had time to read in quite a while. My favorite fun author is Elizabeth Peters and if you ever need a recommendation I have a long list of must reads!
  3. I love live theater and musical performances. Brandon and I try to go to a few shows a year and I always hit a few with my dad too. In the summer we try to make it to a Gilbert and Sullivan because light opera is my favorite. Best play: The Pirates of Penzance.
  4. I hate and absolutely cannot wear any shade of blue shirt with blue jeans. It just doesn't work in my book - there is just no way to make it match!
  5. I love museums. Brandon and I always look for one or two whenever we visit a new city. Most recommended museum is the Denver Museum of Natural History.
  6. Favorite Movies: Newsies, Sabrina (Harrison Ford), Gladiator
  7. I have never kept a houseplant alive for more than 6 months and yet I am now tackling a huge yard with 14 flowerbeds and over 2 dozen trees. Needless to say, some of them have to come out because it is just to much to look at, let alone maintain. Hopefully by the end of the summer there will still be something alive!

That was hard! I thought I was more interesting than that, but I guess not! This is ending with me, because everyone I know has been tagged already! That's what happens when it takes so long to get around to posting I guess.

May 8, 2007

You're Invited!

I want to invite everyone to consider attending Bible Study Fellowship next fall. Most likely, there is one in your area. Next year we will be studying the gospel of Matthew. It will be my 3rd year with BSF and I have been incredibly blessed by it. (Thanks to Rachel Madden for inviting me!) Very likely, there is one in your area too! They offer seperate mens and womens classes, at seperate times of the day as well as childrens programs. Follow this link to learn more and find a class close to you

Next week there will be an introduction class to register for Matthew. Consider this an open invitation! Just find out the date and time and show up next week! There is no childcare for introduction classes. There will be other opportunities in the fall to join, but this is the best way to make sure you can be there for the very first one and get a spot as there are sometimes waiting lists for certain age groups! There is no obligation and perhaps if you go to the introduction class you will have something to pray this summer about adding to your schedule this fall.

Here are the top 5 reasons I enjoy BSF and why you should consider making time in your busy week for this study!
  1. It is a serious bible study that focuses on the truth of God's word
  2. It encourages daily bible study with practical applications
  3. It is a good opportunity to meet and fellowship with other local christian women
  4. You will be challenged, encouraged and blessed by the time you dedicate to this study!
  5. It is free!

If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer! e-mail me or post a comment

May 4, 2007

Amazing Grace

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted. My whole life has changed since then! At first I was too busy with closing, remodeling, moving unpacking. Then it was work, then spending all my free time at the hospital. I have a mental list of several blogs I'd like to write and I am going to start catching up-I promise. I have lots of pictures of the house. We will probably put an album up on Brandon's Blog.

However, first and most importantly I want to say Thanks to all for the prayers, phone calls, visits and general outpouring of love and suport for my family since Joel's accident. It isn't over, but his physical recovery continues to progress at an amazing speed. He may have farther to come with his cognitive recovery, only time will tell. You can continue to read updates on Brandon's Blog.

Joel's life was spared several times over and we are so thankful to the Lord for His bountiful grace. This accident has really impressed upon me my responsibility to pray for his spiritual salvation. Continue to pray with us that it will cause him to think about it too as he wakes up and faces his situation.