Nov 20, 2006

Trying to Blog...

After starting this blogger account in September, I am finally going to post a blog! I have three weeks until Baby Elisa will be born. Is it possible to feel more pregnant every day? By then I may explode! This picture is from one of my baby showers, before I really started getting big.

While it seems too far away for physical comfort, there is still a long to do list. How are you supposed to pack for the hospital when everything you need to take gets used almost every day? Thankfully, I have lots of help.

On top of everything else, Brandon and I found out that we will need to move next spring. I have committed this matter to the Lord, several times, as I tend to find myself obsessing and worrying over the physical and financial ramifications of this. He has proved Himself faithful over and over and I know He is going to provide me with a content spirit and a wonderful home for us to raise our family in. Hopefully in that order!