Mar 17, 2008

First Steps

Elisa is finally walking at 15 months! If I was a good mother, more organized and with more time on my hands, I would have a video or something to share, but I don't. We've been very busy lately and she's keeping up as best she can. It is so cute how excited she gets about walking when we praise her and then next time she's cool as a cucumber. She still can't get to standing without some assistance, so if she falls in the middle of the floor its on her knees until she does.

She is also starting to demonstrate imaginative play and nurturing behavior. I am fascinated by how she does these things without having them shown to her! Last week she found a pacifier in her toybox (she never took it but we've never put it away). She immediately got excited, took it to her doll and put it 'in' her doll's mouth. So cute! Now this is a favorite game for her. Another time I found her in her room making a 'bed' out of blankets for her stuffed animal. The best, however, is when Brandon caught her 'bathing' her doll in the dog bowl. Hmm...don't think we'll encourage that one.

All of this is very exciting to me as I anxiously await her transition from 'baby' to 'big sister'. So glad we finally got to walking before I am too pregnant to carry her everywhere! Hopefully she'll be as loving to a new baby as she is to her doll babies.

On the downside, thanks to everyone at ETBC who suffers through our distracting display of discipline on Sunday mornings! This girl has an independent spirit and sitting through the worship service is not her idea of a good time just yet.