Feb 27, 2007

An Overdue Update

I am ashamed of how infreqently I get around to this. I looked for a recent photo to post but they are all still on the camera and I wanted to get something posted before this little cutie wakes up! This one is from a month ago and I didn't even take it!

Brandon and I found a house for those who may not have heard. It is such a wonderful provision from the Lord and has almost all of the features I was looking for, including space enough for a growing family (not yet, but eventually on the growing part). Of course it needs some work, but what first home doesn't? The real gem is the pink carpet! Luckily there are hardwoods underneath. We are hoping to paint, put up a fence and refinish the floors in the ten days between closing and when we have to be out of our house! Any volunteers???

This month I reluctantly quit my part time job at Office Depot. I guess I just can't do everything I used to do before being a mommy! Even though I only made a couple hundred dollars a month there at the most, I really struggled with this decision especially with the new expenses of baby and home ownership. I specifically prayed that the Lord would increase my faith to do this and that I would trust Him to provide instead of my own efforts. Lo and behold I have two new interior design jobs this month and definately not through my own efforts! One of them is for a prominent local builder doing specs for a developement at grand lake. This job has the potential to open a lot of doors for me. Isn't the Lord a wonderful provider? I am so ashamed at my lack of faith when He never fails to prove Himself faithful.