Dec 15, 2008

Baby, its cold outside!

Sunday morning was a decadent 67 degrees here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I wore short sleeves to chapel and didn't bring a coat! I wondered if I would regret this on the way home, but it was still quite lovely outside. Later that afternoon, the temperature dropped nearly 40 degrees in two hours. This morning, the roads were covered in ice! I bundled the girls up before sending them out the door with daddy for grandma's house and then prayed fervently for thier collective safety.

That's Oklahoma for you. A week ago last year hardly anyone around here had electricity or heat. Then again, we haven't had a white christmas in over 5 years. Who knows, perhaps tomorrow it will be warm and sunny again. If not, I'll be thankful for warmth in our hearts as we celebrate God's love by sharing it with others this holiday season.

Dec 1, 2008

Recommendation for your Kiddos

I just have to endorse this incredible Bible story book we got Elisa for her birthday. It is super simple and has great pictures. The best thing about it is how it tells the story of the whole bible. This book is not your average piecemeal conglomeration of little Bible stories. In fact, some of the classic kids stories are not in it. Rather, it focuses on "the big picture" (get it?) of God's love and faithfulness, man's sin and God's plan for redemption. It provides such a great way to give the gospel message to your kids and help them connect the concepts of God and the Bible.

Elisa is still a little young to grasp the concepts, but the words and pictures are simple enough to still hold her attention a chapter at a time. I look forward to reading it to her for a long time. What's more, I am really enjoying getting this back to basics overview of God's work myself.

Check out this link from Amazon for more info. You can even flip through some sample pages. It's a good price here too, although I encourage you to pay a few more dollars and support your local CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE.