Jun 28, 2007


Wow, so many memorable things have happenned this month. I am going to try and finally post about some of them to update everyone on our *fascinating* life, since I know you are all dying to hear from me!

Here are a few highlights:

  • Elisa took her first airplane ride and did quite well, although I vowed never to fly with a baby in my lap again.
  • We had a fabulous vacation in Florida with Christina and her family, which consisted mostly of managing four under four and the occasional trip to Walmart. .
  • Elisa went swimming for the first time. She also began eating rice cereal and we have moved on to green beans - which she doesn't seem to care for.
  • The first day of summer has come and gone without a ray of sunshine. It won't stop raining here!
  • Elisa weighs 15.10; double her birthweight.
  • Brandon spent a week in Frisco, TX (Dallas) training a new manager and I got to spend a night there as well. We left Elisa with my mom and had great impromptu getaway weekend on Oakley's dime.
  • I finished my Christmas shopping - HA, HA!
  • We went to a car show with Brandon's parents where they won the coveted 'best in show'
  • I got another major sunburn - what can I say, it was raining and I am not used to the exterior elements!
  • Oakley announced a merger with the evil Luxotica. We have mixed feelings about this and are looking for our own million dollar idea to sell to the evil Luxotica in twenty years for a billion or so...
  • I have lost 10 lbs of babyweight and gained 3 back in Dallas, curses!
  • I am sure there is more news of a similar mediocre nature but, let's get on with what you all came to see anyways...

Jun 2, 2007

Baby Dougie

Welcome to our family
Douglas Edward Ruhlig Jr!

See mom's post for all the details of the day.
Here are some cute pictures of my new nephew!
Baby Elisa will be going to Florida on Tuesday to visit for a week.
We are excited (well, I am anyway, Elisa is pretty clueless).